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PostSubject: READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING!   Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:12 pm

This Topic is for the posting of the (mis)adventures of our PTA characters when they're not on missions to save the world from utter destruction. Please observe the following rules while posting.

1. Each character must have its own thread. The thread title must be in the following format: (Character Name) - (Character Rank), (Character Class/es)

2. You may only make a thread about a character that has been "Activated", that is, he or she has already been used in a Mission.

3. Each post in your character's thread is considered as their Daily Progress. A Daily Progress may be one of the following: Wilds Training, Traveling, Gym Attempt, Contest Attempt, Frontier Attempt, Downtime.

Wilds Training - Primary way to level up and expand your pokemon team. You may only conduct Wilds Training at your current location. You may have a maximum of 3 encounters per Daily Progress, with the time of those encounters being at your discretion. Determine the terrain type of your current location, then use the Terrain-Based Random Encounter tables to determine what you have encountered. Then roll 1d6 to determine how many you have encountered. For each encountered Pokemon, roll 1d50 to determine their level, evolving the Pokemon as necessary according to their level. Then use the Wild Pokemon Generator for their stats and moves. In-battle, you may roll up to 1d7 to determine what move the Pokemon will use against you.

Traveling - Going from place to place. When Traveling on Foot, you may only move a maximum of 2 locations from your starting location (Cerulean City ► Route 5 ► Saffron City) per Daily Progress. If you have a Land Mount, +1 location (Cerulean City ► Route 5 ► Saffron City► Route 6). If you have an Air Mount, +2 locations (Cerulean City ► Route 5 ► Saffron City► Route 6 ► Vermillion City). You may only cross large bodies of water if you have a Sea Mount.

Gym/Contest/Frontier Attempt - Try to acquire a badge/ribbon/medal. PM me first prior to attempting so that I can GM the battle, or give the gym information to whoever will GM the battle. You may only attempt this if you are already at the location of the gym/contest hall/battle frontier. Example, if you start off at Cerulean City, you may attempt to challenge the Cerulean Gym on that day. But if you instead travel by Air Mount to Vermillion, you will have to wait until the next day to challenge the Vermillion Gym.

Downtime - Relax. Take some time off. Read a book. Catch up on your hobbies. Sleep. Bond with your Pokemon in a non-battle-related manner. Go shopping. Go berry picking. Make and/or sell some items. Some Trainer Features are usable during downtime, like Schooling, Linguistics Lessons, and the crafting features of some classes.

Downtime and Wilds Training may be done without a GM's help. However, Traveling, Gym Attempts, Contest Attempts, and Frontier Attempts must be done with GM supervision, as there will be other NPC trainers involved. Very Happy


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