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 Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles

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PostSubject: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:59 am

Post your character profiles here.

Universe: Miracle Eye
Name: Augustus "Gus" Arevalo
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Home Region: Hoenn (Lilycove City)
Class: Smart Teacher/Detective/Scientist/Engineer
Trainer Level: 37
HP: 196
Sanity: N/A due to Eldritch Sense feature
Rank: Senior Operative
Personality: Disturbingly smooth
Life Goal: Solve and avenge his sister's murder.

Str - 12/1
Con - 12/1
Dex - 12/1
Int - 20/5
Wis - 12/1
Cha - 22/6 (+5 due to Smooth Talker, total 11)

Owned Pokemon: 50 (Buneary-Lopunny, Budew-Roselia, Ralts-Kirlia-Gardevoir, Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot, Wurmple-Silcoon-Beautifly, Metapod, Metapod-Butterfree, Oddish-Gloom, Skitty, Cranidos, Ledyba(x2), Ledyba-Ledian, Scolipede, NidoranM, Zubat, Trapinch, Goldeen, Slowbro, Shroomish, Gulpinx2, Swalot, Grimer, Paras, Deerling, Raticatex2, Yamask, Eevee-Vaporeon, Eevee-Jolteon, Eevee-Espeon, Fennekin, Aron, Pancham, Sewaddle, Boldore-Gigalith, Spinarak, Cutiefly, Petillilx2, Absol, Surskit, Numel, Electrode)

35YA(Years Ago) - War with the Darkness ends. "War Veterans" Cesare (Master Coordinator) and Alexandra (Master Breeder) Arevalo settle in Lilycove City and establish the Arevalo Pokemon Ranch. Peramberia "Amber" Arevalo is born.
30 YA - Miracle Eye Agency is established. Vic Rage offers positions to Cesare and Alexandra, but is turned down.
25 YA - Augustus "Gus" Arevalo is born.
20 YA - Gus (5) develops a sister complex towards Amber (15).
17 YA - Amber (18) becomes an official Trainer. Her starter, given by her parents, is a female Buneary whom she names Lola. Gus (8yo) and Amber begin an illicit romantic relationship.
15 YA - Amber (20) has won 4 Badges. Lola is now a Lopunny. She is personally invited by Vic Rage to join Miracle Eye. Despite her parents' misgivings, she accepts. Gus (10) starts his studies at Rustboro Trainer's Academy.
12 YA - Amber (23) is killed in a disastrous failed mission against a villain. Lola manages to escape to Miracle Eye HQ, and is returned to the Arevalo's care. Gus (13) drops out of Rustboro Academy due to grief.
10 YA - Gus (15) and Lola bond over their shared loss. Frustrated over the fact that Lola knows the truth behind his sister's death but is too mentally deficient to tell him, Gus swears to find a way to teach Pokemon to talk. Lola gives birth to an unusual female Buneary: instead of black, it has green eyes. Gus names the Buneary Amber.
9 YA - Gus (16) returns to Rustboro Academy to finish his studies. Amber goes with him. Gus researches on ways to make Pokemon smarter. He determines that becoming a Smart Teacher is the way to go.
8 YA - Gus (17) gets his Trainer Certification from Rustboro Academy.
7 YA - Gus (18) becomes an officially licensed Trainer. He receives his starter from his parents, a female Budew he nicknames Belladonna. He officially catches Amber. His first try at the Smart Contest Normal Rank fails. Amber evolves into a green-eyed Lopunny.
6 YA - Gus (19) has a second try at the Smart Contest Normal Rank and succeeds. Belladonna gains a Smart Ribbon and evolves into a Roselia.
5 YA - Gus (20) enters the Smart Contest Super Rank and fails. He is contacted by Vivi Winstrate, the Region Administrator for Miracle Eye Hoenn, and is informed that he is being considered for recruitment. Deciding to follow in his sister's footsteps, he attempts his first gym challenge at Petalburg Gym but is defeated. He manages to catch a female Ralts (Jasmine) and a female Wurmple (Flutter). Flutter evolves into a Silcoon, and then into a Beautifly.
4 YA - Gus (21) enters the Smart Contest Super Rank again and wins. Jasmine gains a Smart Ribbon and evolves into Kirlia. Gus catches an Oddish (Bloom). Gus becomes a Smart Teacher.
3 YA - Gus (22) tries the Petalburg Gym challenge again and wins. Gus gains the Balance Badge. His continued tutoring of Amber begins to bear fruit (Amber Int+1). He determines that he will teach Amber to understand and speak in English so that she can act as a translator between him and Lola.
2 YA - Gus (23) joins the Miracle Eye Agency. Since he already has a Badge, he is given the rank of Jr. Inspector.
1 YA - Gus (24) challenges and beats the Rustboro Gym, gaining the Stone Badge. He is promoted to the rank of Inspector.

Missions Participated In:
1) Trouble with the Magnet Train
2) Forest of Madness
3) Love Never Dies
4) Death Zone
5) Last Night of Fun - I'll Face Myself
6) House Arrest
7)Night of the Living Dead-mons


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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:03 am

Universe: Miracle Eye
Name: Stanley
Age: 22 (25 on the agency application form)
Sex: Male
Home Region: Hoenn (Dewford Town)
Class: Researcher
Trainer Level: 7
HP: 72
Sanity: 50 (how does one compute for this?)
Rank: Investigator (investigator nga ba?)
Personality: Anti-social
Life Goal: Search for life goal by means of adventuring.

Str - 12 / +1
Con - 11 / 0
Dex - 10 / 0
Int - 14 / +2
Wis - 14 / +2
Cha - 10 / 0

Reason for Level Gain/Stat Growth/Features

    - Using Taunt on a Tentacool—Arceus finds this amusing and thus deserving of a Trainer Level Point
    - INT+1 / I've Heard About This Place Before

    - Knuckle Badge
    - WIS+1 / Researcher Class (Frantic Research, Walking Encyclopedia)

    - Capturing a Jolly Cubone—Arceus considers a Jolly Cubone to be extremely rare
    - STR+1 / Strategic Targeting

    - Evolving Eevee into Umbreon during the day—Arceus is impressed
    - STR+1 / Trait Theory

    - 10 Pokemon owned
    - STR+1 / Repel Crafting

    - Mission: Trouble with the Magnet Train
    - STR+1 / Read the Manual

    - Mission: Trouble with the Magnet Train
    - CON+1 / Remedial First Aid

Owned Pokemon (11):
Alphonse (Aron/Lairon) F - Lv.31, Careful
Gaiden (Nincada/Ninjask) M - Lv.25, Adamant
Galaxy (Eevee/Umbreon) F - Lv22, Timid
Meadow (Cubone/Marowak) F - Lv33, Jolly
Bern (Growlithe) M - Lv22, Proud
Calamity (Shedninja—unused) M - Lv.22, Adamant
Test001 (Zigzagoon—unused) F - Lv.6, Sassy


    22 YA - Stanley is born to a wealthy family of Ruin Maniacs.

    19 YA - Stanley (3) is left alone at home, and manages to go outside and wander off to Route 106. He sees a small Tentacool washed up on shore. He pokes at it. The Tentacool Screeches at toddler Stanley, scaring the diapers out of him. Stanley runs away and hides behind a gray rock, just in time to cover for a probably lethal Poison Sting from enemy Tentacool. But it doesn't affect....the rock! The rock wakes up and turns out to be an Aron! The Aron Tackles enemy Tentacool out of rage, and Metal Claws her way into the Jellyfish Pokemon until it dies. The Aron celebrates her victory by munching on the bloody Liquid Ooze remains of the Tentacool and then throwing up, in an alternating fashion.
    The Aron follows Stanley home. It seems the Aron also happened to wander off from its home in Granite Cave. Stanley's parents come home and find Stanley sleeping peacefully on the back of an also asleep Aron. They become friends. They all decide to take care of and keep the Aron, who happily Avails. They name her Alphonse.

    5 YA - Stanley (17) is now ready to take on the Pokemon League challenge (or so he says). He decides that it is now time to visit Alphonse's former home—Granite Cave up in Route 106—to ask the residing Aggron for permission to bring Alphonse along in his adventures, because technically, Alphonse is still wild (with no official Pokemon Trainer). The elder Aggron gives his blessing, and teaches Alphonse a special move as a bonus (BECAUSE SHOUNEN). By tradition, this move is passed down from generation to generation—the 150 base power Head Smash. Stanley sets a Luxury Ball on the cave floor, and Alphonse gently bops her head against the button. Their adventure begins.

    4 YA - After a year of training, Stanley (18) thinks he has the strength to beat the Dewford Town Gym. He fails magnificently. He goes at it again and again, arguing that his slightly over-leveled Aron can't possibly lose. He fails repeatedly. He finally figures out that Alphonse is insanely weak to Fighting, which happens to be the specialty of the Gym. Stanley figures he needs more Pokemon to counter the flabby chunks of Hikers and Makuhita alike, which block his way to the Gym Leader. He does some research and he finds out that a Ninjask would be a most fitting counter.
    He boards a ship to Petalburg and goes through its woods, ending up at Rustboro. He hones his capturing skills on a Zigzagoon and then spends the next few weeks looking for a suitable Nincada on Route 116. Stanley beats the Gym effortlessly this time, using a beneficial-nature-EV-trained Ninjask Gaiden he evolved from Nincada. The Shedninja remains at home as an all-in-one security system. Stanley becomes a Researcher (fabricating his number of badges—he plans to fix this as soon as possible), and gets an Eevee as a reward for getting his first Badge. The Eevee hates him. The Eevee hates everything.

    3 YA - The Eevee still hates Stanley (19). She remains inside her Pokeball, refusing to come out or answer to any Nickname he gives her. He continues to try and appeal to her, to no avail. He continues anyway.
    Stanley captures a Growlithe and then a Cubone, which has a Jolly nature. This retarded Cubone doesn't yet seem to understand that her mother is dead. The Cubone likes to play in the prairie to frolic and prance about amidst the flowers and shit. She is named Meadow. And the Growlithe is named Bern.

    2 YA - After a fierce trainer battle with an Ace Trainer, Stanley (20) leaves Alphonse and Gaiden at the Pokemon Center to heal, and takes a walk in the nearby park. He brings only the three untrained Pokemon (Eevee, Cubone, and Growlithe).
    A Wild Machamp appears! Using his Researcher skills and judging by the scratches of this Machamp, Stanley concludes that it is low on HP. He knows that Knocking Out this SOB will grant much needed experience for his low-level Pokemon. Thankfully, Stanley has a plan. He sends out Meadow and orders her to use Sunny Day, which he taught her by TM. The sun glows brightly. The Superpower Pokemon gets flinched by the intense sunlight! Stanley returns Meadow and sends out Bern and orders him to Flare Blitz the the living daylights out of Machamp. Suddenly, the surroundings dim! The sun is getting blocked out by the moon! Fucking solar eclipse! What should have been an instant KO turns out to be barely enough to take down the fucking Machamp. Enemy Machamp uses Stone Edge! Bern faints! Enemy Machamp uses Ice Punch! Meadow faints! Stanley is down to his last Pokemon! He reluctantly sends out his Eevee. Without giving Stanley a chance to issue an order, the Eevee automatically uses Quick Attack. Machamp faints!
    Stanley falls flat on his back from exhaustion, looking at the still darkened sky. One can almost see the stars. The Eevee looks down on him and licks his cheek. Stanley says "I'll name you Galaxy. Is that alright?" while petting her profusely.
    An Umbreon can be seen brushing its nose against the forehead of a guy in a lab coat. TSUNDERE AMPOTA KILEG

    1 YA - Stanley (21) evolves Meadow into a Marowak through a strict training regimen, and applies for a Jr. Inspector position in the Miracle Eye Agency.
    EDIT: Also, he kind of doctored his age and number of badges to meet the requirements. The agency does not know this yet.

Missions Participated In:
1. Trouble with the Magnet Train - Evolved Aron into Lairon presumably by feeding her bullets drenched in human blood. And maybe helped with the Magnet Train breakdown shiz.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:27 pm

Universe: Miracle Eye
Name: Luke Delgado
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Home Region: Johto-Violet City
Class: Mystic/Guardian/Ranger
Trainer Level: 15
HP: 126
Sanity: 50
Rank: Jr. Operative
Personality: Humble and serious
Life Goal: To protect the environment

Str - 14/2
Con - 10/0
Dex - 14/2
Int - 10/0
Wis - 18/4
Cha - 16/3

Reason for Level Gain/Stat Growth/Features
TL1-Plain Badge/WIS+1/Mystic Class (Channel, Borrow)
TL2-Storm Badge/WIS+1/Experience Shared
TL3-10 Pokemon Owned/WIS+1/Channel Friend
TL4 - 25 Pokemon Sighted/WIS+1/Zoopathy
TL5 - Hive Badge/DEX+1/Ancient Pulse
TL6 - Mission:Starlight Town/CON+1/Mystic Veil
TL7 - Mission:Starlight Town/CON+1/Tree Hugger
TL8 - Mission:Starlight Town/CHA+1/Sponge
TL9 - Mission:Starlight Town/CON+1/Hey Guys Watch This
TL10 - Mission:House in the Woods/CHA+1/Perfect Vessel
TL11 - Mission:House in The Woods/CHA+1/Guardian Class
TL12 - Caught 10 Pokemon/Cha+1/Safeguard
TL13 - Zephyr Badge/CHA+1/Not so fast!
TL14 - Forest of Madness/Dex + 1/Distraction! Distraction
TL15 - Forest of Madness/Dex + 1/Feat Point 5
TL16 - Secret of the Lost Valley/Dex + 1/Feat Point 5
TL17 - Secret of the Lost Valley/Cha + 1/Feat Point 5
TL18 - Secret of the Lost Valley/Cha + 1/Feat Point 5

Owned Pokemon (27):
Titan (Golett>Golurk) Serious/Lv 53
Flay (Eevee>Flareon) Bashful/Lv 43
Kuro (Poochyena>Mightyena) Adamant/Lv 44
Indora (Nosepass) Relaxed/Lv 37
Bright (Litwick) Quiet/Lv 37
Melody (Kricketot>Kricketune) Gentle/Lv 35
Magnes (Magnemite) Dull/Lv 29
Fletz (Ralts>Kirlia>Gallade)-Composed/Lv 43
Riptide (Carvanha>Sharpedo)-Naughty/Lv 36
Crunch (Machop>Machoke)-Bold/Lv 40
Rush (Tyrogue>Hitmonchan)-Proud/Lv 38
X (Scyther)-Patient/Lv 38
Geo (Geodude>Graveler)-Hardy/Lv 42
Zieg (Charmander>Charmeleon)-Brave/Lv 32
Oracle (Porygon2)-Composed/Lv 25
Webster (Spinarak)-Relaxed/Lv 9
Bathory (Kabutops)-Patient/Lv 50
Yamask x 2

Luke was a shy small boy who grew up as an orphan who was taken care of the monks at the Sprout. Ever since he was young, he had been physically weaker than most of his classmates at school which led to him being ostricized and alienated. Having no one to talk to aside from his caretakers, he spent his time reading books. He loved reading about nature but was scared of pokemon due to a bad experienced he had when the Safari Zone tour group that included his family was attacked by wild pokemon; the accident that killed his parents.

One day, his schoolmates played a prank on Luke where they dared the boy to go into an abandoned house where they have hidden one of Luke’s favourite toys. To retrieve it, he entered the house in search for his toy, only to find that it was broken already by one of his schoolmates. As he cried over his toy and realizing now that he was still an abandoned and creepy house, the sounds of his cries attracted a Golett. This Golette approached the boy and just stared at the latter trying to figure out what Luke was doing.

As Luke cried on, it also attracted other pokemon like zubats and rattatas from all around the house. This caused the boy more distress. Upon hearing the even more distraught voice of Luke. Golett turned towards the other pokemon and started to attack them to drive them away, which was successful.

After all the pokemon have left, sans Golett, Luke kept himself in a ball trying to be as small as possible until he heard some small clanking noise and footsteps. He raised his head and saw that the Golett picked up his toy and was presenting it him. Luke thanked the Golett and noticed that the pokemon s staring at the toy seemingly confused.

Luke explained to the Golett the purpose of the toy and tried to show how it worked considering its state. Golett took the toy and tried to play with it even though it was already broken. Luke laughed at this and made the automaton worried once more as it started to hear another unusual sound from the human. Luke explained once more and after some time, the pokemon seemed to understand. The boy introduced himself and said goodbye before he started to head for the exit of the house.

As he walked, Luke noticed that the Golett kept following him, even after a few times he kept shooing the pokemon away. Once he reached the outside of the house, his schoolmates were gone and sunset has already come. Luke walked towards the gate of the house and noticed that Golett was not following him anymore but just stopped at the door of the house, looking back at him.

After remembering how much fun he had playing and talking with the Golett, Luke promised it that he will return to play with him again before going home. During the succeeding days, Luke would always come by the house at an exact time, ringing him a new story to tell or new toy to play with, and Golett will be sitting at the porch of the house, patiently waiting for his friend to come by.

Years later, Luke asked his caretakers if he could apply to study at Dervish Academy for Pokemon Trainers. They approved but were confused as to which caused their son to take on such a change of heart and wanted to learn more about Pokemon. Luke introduced the Golett to the monks who were shocked but after a few hours of explanation, quickly found respect for the little pokemon. Luke asked the Golett if it wanted to become his partner after he graduated from his Trainer school. The Golett nodded and then saluted, showing its interest.
During his studies,  Luke would always pass by the abandoned house to tell the Golett all about his day and what he learned. This continued on until Luke graduated and presented a PokeBall to Golett. Golett saluted once more before allowing itself to get it by the ball and be captured.

From that point on, Luke and his Golett, named TItan, ventured around Johto to acquire some new pokemon, learn more about them and more ways on helping the environment. During his journey, he gained knowledge as a about the arts of Mysticism with the help of his care takers, and gained a few badges along the way. This got the attention of the Miracle Eye Johto Branch.

Miracle Eye approached Luke with an offer to be a new member of the organization, telling him about their mission to help anyone and everyone in need, for the good of the world. Having heard Miracle Eye’s objective, Luke applied and was accepted as a Junior Investigator, seeing as he already has a badge. In a year he was promoted to Investigator Level.

Missions Participated in:

Starlight Town:
Together with Tenran, Defeated the locals turned Sableye Hybrids.

House in the Woods:
Together with Tenran, Investigated the house inherited by the client and destroyed it due to the evil presence within the house making it lethal to be stayed in. Caught a Kricketot that evolved into a Kricketune, hatched a Litwick obtained from a ghoul in the house. Obtained a Holy Pendant that provides protection from Ghost and Dark powers and a Silver sword that inflicts extra damage to Ghosts and forces of Drakness.

Newly acquired pokemon came from Luke's personal journey that lasted 4-5 months through Johto.

Forest of Madness:
TOgether with 4 other investigators, Luke solved the mystery of the murders and disappearances of several Psychics. Obtained a Porygon 2 with Dubious Disk, Dawn Stone, and Smooth Rock.

Secret of the Lost Valley
Together with Tenran, Luke investigated an excavation site in the middle of a forest where an operative has gone missing. FOund the corpse of the operative and sent the corpse and her pokeballs back to Miracle Eye Johto HQ. Caught a shiny Spinarak and a 15ft-tall Kabutops. Acquired 10 stones that enables mega evolution like effects on pokemon. Released giant Mega Aerodactyl and Tyrantrum.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:30 am

Universe: Miracle Eye
Name: Rendan
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Home Region: Hoenn (Mossdeep City)
Class: Psychic
Trainer Level: 7
Rank: Investigator
Personality: chill
Life Goal: to chill

Owned Pokemon:
Tuna (Eevee/Espeon) - lv 35, Calm
Shawn (Shinx/Luxio) - lv 27, Jolly
Joyness (Misdreavus) - lv 20, Timid
(the others coming soon)


24 years ago, Rendan was born to a young couple. His father was a researcher from Sinnoh and his mother was a psychic. His mother's side, being a family of psychics with a long history, had a tradition of keeping ghost pokemon as familiars.

So when he was old enough, they had his mother's Mismagius give birth to a baby Misdreavus for Rendan. His mother suggested to name her Joy, but he named it Joyness because he insisted and because he was 5.

Soon, when he was a bit older, he learned of the grammatically incorrect name he gave his first pokemon, and started to call her Joy. But the little misdreavus doesn't respond to it and only listens to him when he calls her Joyness.

Being surrounded by ghost pokemon all throughout his childhood, he developed a distinct unfear of death. Subconsciously, he feels that he'll only turn into a ghost when he dies. He just doesn't care if he dies, and even slightly looks forward to it.

One day, he found a pokemon egg placed neatly on his bed and wrapped with his blankets. The window was open. When he asked his parents, they said they didn't know about it. His mother, being superstitous, believed that a psychic pokemon placed it there and that it wanted Rendan to take care of it. And so he did. He took it everywhere he went and even valued it more than his own life (which he didn't).

The egg took far longer than usual to hatch. When it did, it turned out to be a female Eevee, and Rendan considered himslf to be incredibly lucky. He named her Fortuna. A mere few days after hatching, it had already evolved into an Espeon. Perhaps she had grown attached to him even while inside the egg. Or maybe his psychic abilities had influenced the Eevee into evolving prematurely into its psychic evolution. He was, after all, doing telekinetic tricks all the time to impress the baby Eevee. Or maybe she evolved to be able to protect him from harm, seeing as how he always wandered carelessly into danger, given his disregard for it. He likes calling her Tuna because she kind of pouts cutely whenever he does.

For his 18th birthday, he received a Shinx from his relatives in Sinnoh. They had already named him Shawn, which was awesome.

After becoming an official trainer and catching other pokemon and gaining some badges, he encountered Miracle Eye Inspectors during one of their missions, in which he (or more acurately his Espeon) was able to help significantly. He was invited to join as a Junior Inspector, and he accepted.

Being extremely lucky in his missions, he was promoted recently to Inspector. This was mostly thanks to calm and responsible Fortuna, who has never failed to protect her trainer from fatal harm. To this end, she dislikes being in a pokeball. Rendan fails to realize that this pokemon may have been sent to him on purpose, possibly knowing that he would die without her protection. Whether this was out of kindness, or out of a need for this particular laid-back person to survive, is unknown.

Missions Participated In:
1) Trouble with the Magnet Train - His first mission since becoming an Inspector. His help wasn't much needed in this mission, as his colleagues were very capable, and that made him chiller than usual.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:50 pm

Here is my back-up character:

Universe: Miracle Eye
Name: Rex Walters
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Home Region: Unova>Castelia City
Class: CapSpec/Juggler/Dirty FIghter
Trainer Level: 15
HP: 60
Sanity: 80
Rank: Investigator
Personality: Stoic
Life Goal: To get revenge on those involved in the incident that landed him in prison

Str - 8/-2
Con - 10/0
Dex - 20/5
Int - 16/3
Wis - 10/0
Cha - 6/-4

Reason for Level Gain/Stat Growth/Features
TL1-Insect Badge/Dex+1/CapSpec Class
TL2-Jet Badge/Dex+1/Juggler
TL3-10 Pokemon Owned/Dex+1/Emergency Release
TL4-25 Pokemon Sighted/Dex+1/Dirty Fighter
TL5-Bolt Badge/Int+1/Capture Point +

Owned Pokemon (17):

Rex was the son of two Pokeball Designers in Castelia City. Bright and athletic, Rex had a bright future ahead of him. He planned to become a pokemon ranger after he heard the tales of heroism from his grandfather, a retired ranger.

With great determination, Rex applied into Aspertia Academy and was able to graduate and get his license without a hitch. On the day that he was applying for planned to get into the ranger academy, he heard a commotion in one of Castelia's alleys.

Upon investigation, it was a mugging incident that went wrong, with the victim being stabbed by one of three muggers. Rex made himself known and tried to help the victim while the criminals escaped. Rex grabbed the knife that was left by the criminals and was trying to wrap it in something to preserve evidence when the police arrived.

Seeing what Rex was trying to do and the blood all over him (from helping the victim), the police thought that Rex was the one who attacked the victim. Rex pleaded his innocence until he was summoned to court as a prospective suspect.

Unfortunately for Rex, the attackers had gloves on them, leaving no fingerprints on the knife except his own. Plus testimonials from anonymous witnesses stated that Rex was the one who attacked. The testimonials were made via audio recording. By listening into the recording, Rex identified the voices as to the muggers. Rex pleaded once more but to no avail.

He was sent to prison for 5 years and then was released. After being released, he was disowned by his family and was forced to live on the streets. During his time on the streets, he had made his money as a beggar and sometimes taking some jobs from Castelia's underground community. On one of his jobs, he came across a starving Electrike who he fed and managed to befriend.

Using some of his money, he bought a pokeball and captured the Electrike. As time passes, he was able to capture a few more pokemon and gained some knowledge on the streets. He became a part of a notorius gang, being an expert in robbery and escaping the authorities.

Rex seemed to be uncatchable until the Miracle Eye Unova brach cooperated with the police. WHen Rex was aptured, he was given a choice to be sent to prison or use his expertise in working for Miracle Eye; upon which, he will be given the appropriate housing and other needs.

Rex chose the latter and now uses his street smarts as a new member of Miracle Eye. HE was able to finish a few missions, landing him the Investigator rank in a short time.

(YEah, medyo magulo at madami pang kulang. Try kong tapusin ASAP. Inaantok na kasi ako nung tinype ko to.
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Character Profiles   Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:25 am

Name: Tenran Chao Yu
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Home Region: Johto (Azalea Town)
Class: Ace Trainer/Tag Battler/Type Ace (Dark)/Strategist
Trainer Level: 68
HP: 376
Sanity: N/A
Rank: Agent
Personality: Resilient
Life Goal: Establish the first Dark-Type Gym, Become the Johto League Champion

STR - 24/7
DEX - 16/3
CON - 26/8
INT - 16/3
WIS - 16/3
CHA - 14/2

Reason for Level Gain/Stat Growth/Features
TL1 - Earned Hive Badge | STR +1 | Hey Guys, Watch This!
TL2 - Earned Plain Badge | CON +1 (STR +1, CON +1, WIS -2) | Class Change: Ace Trainer, Enhanced Training and
Improved Attacks, 1 Feat Point
TL3 - Fought hand-to-hand with a Scraggy, eventually catching it | INT +1 | I Can Take A Hit, 1 Feat Point
TL4 - Mastered Voltorb Flip to stop his addiction to it| DEX +1 | Voltorb Flip, 1 Feat Point
TL5 - Joined Miracle Eye; given the rank Investigator | CHA +1 | Let Me Help You With That, 1 Feat Point
TL6 to TL8 - Accomplished CF1 | DEX, INT, CHA +1 | Let Me Help You With That +, 3 Feat Points
TL9 to TL10 - Accomplished CF4 | WIS +2 | 5 Feat Points
TL11 - Caught 10 Pokémon | WIS +1| 6 Feat Points
TL12 - Earned Fog Badge | WIS +1 (CON +1) | Dual Wielding, Class Change: Tag Battler, Team Spirit and Together!, 6 Feat Points
TL13 to TL14 - Accomplished Trouble with the Magnet Train | STR +1, CON +1 | Improved Attacks + and Break Through!, 6 Feat Points
TL15 - Caught 20 Pokémon | STR +1 | 7 Feat Points
TL16 - Earned Zephyr Badge | CON +1 | I Can Take A Hit +, 7 Feat points
TL17 - Earned Mineral Badge | 8 Feat Points
TL18 to TL39:
    Accomplished CF6, caught a Tyrantrum, encountered two Legendaries (Tornadus and Dialga), caught 30 Pokémon | STR +4, DEX +1, CON +3, INT +3 (STR +1, CON +1) | Intimidate, Dual Interference, Dual Assault and Taking One For A Friend and its + (18) | Mark of the Wind
    Class Change (22): Type Ace (Dark), Type Training, Improved Type Attacks and its + (23), Type Soul, Superior Typing and Chosen One (22), Soulbound (25), Elemental Shifting (27) and Improved Attacks Z (30)
    Class Change (38): Strategist, Field Scout, Terrain Mastery, Adaptive Boost, Hazardous Intent, Weather Vortex and Let's Get That Lock Open (38), 3 Feat Points | Internal Clock, Early Bird and Time Out

TL40 to TL42 - Accomplished CF9, Q10 | INT +1, DEX +1 | Combine Them! and Try This!, 2 Feat Points | Invisibility, Pack Mon (Dark) and Lie Detector
TL43 - Earned Storm Badge | Helpful Priorities, 2 Feat Points
TL44 to TL47 - Accomplished Death Zone, caught 40 Pokémon | WIS +2 | Move Recognition and Heightened Potential, 2 Feat Points
TL48 to TL50 - Accomplished CF3 (Pewter) and Q27, encountered a Legendary (Phione) | STR +2 | Teamwork and Personal Walls, 4 Feat Points | Eldritch Sense
TL51 to TL52 - Accomplished Last Night of Fun | STR +1 | Quick Set-Up, 4 Feat Points
TL53 to TL54 - Accomplished CF7 | CON +1 | 5 Feat Points
TL55 - Earned Rising Badge | 6 Feat Points
TL56 to TL57 - Accomplished Night of the Living Dead-mon, caught 50 Pokémon | CON +1 | 7 Feat Points
TL58 - Earned Glacier Badge | CON +1 | Move Shift | 7 Feat Points
TL59 to 60 - Accomplished CF37 | CON +1 | 8 Feat points
TL61 - Accomplished Island of Eternal Fog | Beast Master, Synchronized Shove and Terrain Tactics, 6 Feat Points
TL62 - Accomplished The Lighthouse at Route 133, caught a Gyarados | DEX +1 | 6 Feat Points
TL63 to TL 66 - Accomplished Influence of the Sealed | DEX +1, CHA +2 | Affirmation, Constructive Criticism, Focus and Brace Each Other!, 4 Feat Points
TL 67 to TL 68 - Accomplished CF38 | CON +1 | Not Yet!, 4 Feat Points

Legendary Blessings:
Mark of the Wind
Internal Clock
Early Bird
Time Out
Smooth Seas

Pack Mon (Dark)
Lie Detector
Awakened Eldritch Sense

Owned Pokémon (53):
    Beauregard (Azurill -> Marill -> Azumarill) - M/Lv. 58/Adamant
    Wreak (Scraggy -> Scrafty) - M/Lv. 53/Proud
    Dolemite (Boufallant) - M/Lv. 38/Jolly
    Millicent (Mareep -> Flaaffy -> Ampharos) - F/Lv. 46/Quiet
    Shroud (Zorua -> Zoroark) - F/Lv. 56/Calm
    Pulse (Rotom) - Lv.55/Hardy
    Stella (Cherubi -> Cherrim) - F/Lv. 47/Poised
    Gram (Pinsir) - M/Lv. 55/Brave
    Aspidedron (Mega Aerodactyl) - M/Lv. 80/Serious
    Thunderball (Rhyhorn) - M/Lv. 36/Careful
    Filia (Miltank) - F/Lv. 37/Serious
    Diablos (Pawniard -> Bisharp) - M/Lv. 40/Proud
    Triglav (Doduo -> Dodrio) - F/Lv. 30/Lax
    Vanguard (Skorupi -> Drapion) - F/Lv. 42/Poised
    Parlan (Mankey -> Primeape) - M/Lv. 30/Impish
    Bodhisattva (Phanpy -> Donphan) - M/Lv. 30/Composed
    Eldina (Blitzle -> Zebstrika) - F/Lv. 31/Docile
    Carukia (Tentacool) - F/Lv. 19/Modest
    Raet (Sigilyph) - F/Lv. 43/Stoic
    Plate (Bronzor) - Lv. 28/Calm
    Phil, Bobby and Jack (Yamasks) - M/Lv. 30/Patient
    Drome (Girafarig) - M/Lv. 50/Composed
    Glapt (Masquerain) - M/Lv. 50/Composed
    Duroc (Combee) - M/Lv. 15/Quirky
    Reddle (Corsola) - M/Lv. 19/Calm
    Kite (Swellow) - M/Lv. 29/Brave
    Valar (Nidoran) - M/Lv. 13/Mild
    Orthros (Grimer -> Muk) - M/Lv. 44/Impish
    Lorenzo (Tangela) - M/Lv. 22/Careful
    Hiroko (Snorunt -> Froslass) - F/Lv. 50/Hardy
    Doc (Gastly -> Haunter -> Gengar) - M/Lv. 42/Bashful
    Bodhidharma (Darmanitan) - M/Lv. 44/Impish
    Alexander (Deino -> Zweilous) - M/Lv. 37/Naive
    Tauroneo (Aron) - M/Lv. 1/Lax
    Lexus (Gyarados) - M/Lv. 55/Proud
    Etherian (Grimer-A) - M/Lv. 1/Naughty

    41 years ago: Jing Guo Yu, Tenran's father, traveled to Cianwood City from a region far to the west to become a student of Chuck. Jing's goal was to defeat the Karate King and win the title.

    38 years ago: Jing finished his apprenticeship from Chuck; learned everything he could and needed. Just as he was about to leave, he met a woman, about his age, who was about to challenge the gym. Her name is Xiao Long Nu, Tenran's mother, from Blackthorne City and known as the Dragon Princess. After she won the badge, Jing asked to tag along on her journey and accepted the offer.

    36 years ago: Despite failing to beat the Karate King, Jing continued his journey alongside Xiao. She then reformed the Silver Conference into the Johto League, at the top of Mt. Silver. Xiao and Jing battled to determine which one of them will be the champion. Jing lost but was asked to be part of the Elite Four. He accepted.

    35 years ago: Challengers poured in, wanting to take the new title. She eventually lost to a young man named Sunny. After Xiao was defeated, Jing married her and settled down in Azalea Town.

    34 years ago: Their first child, Hei An Yu, was born.

    33 years ago: Jing decided not to pass on his martial arts skills to their kids.

    27 years ago: Their second child, Tenran Chao Yu, was born.

    20 years ago: Xiao and Jing noticed that Tenran seemed capable of taking hits, after getting into a fight in the playground.

    17 years ago: Tenran started his studies in the Dervish Academy for Pokemon Trainers in Violet City.

    16 years ago: Hei became an official Trainer and hatched his first egg. It was a Trapinch that became his starter. He didn't leave for his journey right away since his Pokémon was still just a baby.

    9 years ago: Tenran graduated and became an official Trainer. He hasn't received his starter or obtained one himself, which led him to put on hold his journey. He'd gone through Ilex Forest to get to Goldenrod City, where he got addicted to Voltorb Flip.

    7 years ago: Almost broke from gambling whatever money he had, however he got them, he traveled with someone who was heading to Azalea Town as a guide through the forest. For his trouble, he was given an empty Pokéball. The next day, he ventured into Union Cave and befriended to capture his starter--an Azurill wearing a monocle--who took down two Geodudes. He nicknamed him Beauregard. He swiftly went on his way after beating Bugsy for the Hive Badge.

    6 years ago: Tenran loses horribly to Whitney. News from the Silver Conference that a new champion has been crowned: Hei An Yu. Tenran adds taking the title from his brother to his goal of establishing his own gym. He heads to Mt. Mortar's southwestern foothills, east of Ecruteak City, to train.

    5 years ago: Tenran challenged Whitney again and won the battle and the Plain Badge.

    2 years ago: Tenran kicks his addiction to Voltorb Flip after mastering it. He taught a few people how to win.

    1 year ago: With his money dwindling down to nothing, he looked for a job. Luckily, the regional Miracle Eye Agency were looking to hire at that time. He took the job and, with his two badges, was given the rank of Investigator.

Missions/Quests participated in:
    CF1 - Mystery of Starlight Town
    CF4 - House in the Woods
    Trouble with the Magnet Train
    CF6 - Secret of the Lost Valley
    CF9 - Eye of the Taiga
    Q10 - Black Mausoleum
    Death Zone
    CF3 - Unexpected Events at the Museum (Pewter)
    Q27 - The Oldest and Strongest Emotion
    Last Night of Fun
    CF7 - Beware the White Mask
    Night of the Living Dead-mon
    CF37 - The Sleeper Awakens
    Island of Eternal Fog
    The Lighthouse at Route 133
    Influence of the Sealed
    CF38 - The Cult in the Caverns
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